Xiaomi Youpin launched a Disposable Raincoat for 29.9 Yuan ($4.3)


The Xiaomi Youpin platform has launched a new Disposable Raincoat earlier today (7th February 2020) that carries a price tag of 29.9 Yuan, which roughly translates to about 4.3 US Dollars.

As the name suggests, the product is a disposable raincoat that is made for protecting one from unexpected rains. It is being sold and distributed by the Xiaomi Youpin platform while the Zhongke Hongrun Technology Co. Ltd will be providing the after sales services for the same.


The disposable raincoat arrives with a few useful functionalities as well apart from just protecting the user from the rain. It is very convenient to use with its opening and closing being very easy, percent for quickly gettings in to avoid rain drops. This is made possible through its open button design with four snap buttons being present on the front row.

It is also available in two color variants, including yellow and blue and arrives with a widened hem, making it easier to use during walking and even cycling as well. The disposable raincoat can also be used to protect one from other elements like snow and dust and can act as a simple and effective backup in case of surprising weather elements, like a cloud burst.


The materials used in the disposable raincoat is made of 0.05mm thick PE material, making it durable regardless of its thin layer. This also makes it a better alternative over conventional affordable raincoats. Despite its intended purpose of use and name, the raincoat can be used multiple times and can easily be dried up and folded for storage, which is inevitably better for the environment by reducing unnecessary wastage.




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